12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 1: Why Do You Blog + 5 Random Facts

It’s time, guys!

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I’ve been promoting the crap out of this challenge, and even though it’s like not like a HUGE thing, to me, it is. I’ve gotten SO excited about blogging again in the past week. I think this is JUST what I needed.


Why Do You Blog?


I’ve been writing in some capacity since I learned how to carve letters on paper (or even crayons to the wall…oops). I remember writing stories as early as kindergarten, and while other kids at daycare were playing outside, I stayed in to “write books.” I would literally take sheets of paper and staple them into a booklet in order to create the next Great American Novel. You should have read my never-ending series “The Heart Family” (they were a family made of literal hearts); it was quit the page turner.

Naturally, as I got older, English was always my favorite class, and in high school, I discovered my favorite course of all time: creative writing. I even took it twice – one semester for stories and one for poetry/play writing/screenplay writing. Then, I took an incredible CW class in college (that’s a story for another day); there were only about 12-14 of us, and the intimate atmosphere was so comforting. I looked forward to my thrice weekly time in that class. Though perpetually nervous to share my work, I always took great (secret) pride in workshopping my stuff. Sharing my work has always been a love/hate relationship. I get so anxious I want to puke, yet when people read my stuff and connect to it, the feeling is incredible.

It only seemed natural that I would eventually find my way into the world of blogging. I started off with a LiveJournal (I’m dating myself), and from there I would write sad, sad poetry on my MySpace (cringe). Eventually, mid-college, I took the plunge and created my very own blog on Blogger. At this point, I honestly can’t even remember what it was called, and I would write such mundane things like, “Today my boyfriend came over, and we ate Taco Bell.” A real snooze fest, but I was still finding myself, I like to think. About three years ago, I finally decided that I wanted to try my hand at style blogging by posting my outfits. I created a blog on Blogger called “A Miscellaneous Life.” It wasn’t terrible; I just wasn’t consistent (shocker), and eventually it languished. Around the time I was thinking of starting this blog (Sept 2012), I decided that I wanted to try WordPress, and since I’m not so tech savvy, I didn’t know how or if I could transfer AML to WordPress, so I jut decided to start from scratch: platform, name, everything. I finally had my own own little corner of the internet. A place where I could write whatever I wanted. As a teacher, I certainly got to impart my love of writing on youngsters, but I never quite felt like I was fully able to do it my own way. I certainly took some risks, and looking back, sometimes I can’t believe the proverbial balls I had to share some of the stuff I did (not that any of it was really bad, to be honest…however, I did make them act out a screenplay I wrote in high school that won Best Comedy. I’m the nerdy version of the dad who was a high school football star and just can’t let it go), but I have no regrets. With my personal blog, I don’t have to worry about what I share.

So like most bloggers I suppose, I started my blog for myself really, and if I got some followers, then great. I will say that QB is the first blog I’ve ever actively promoted and tried to make blog friends with. When I had my college blog, I barely even read blogs, so I had no allies in the blogging world, and had zero idea what I was doing. Now, I still barely have any idea what I’m doing, but I’ve made so many great connections through blogging. My favorite parts of blogging are obviously my own writing outlet, but as I said the other day, also the community. The blogging world is full of amazing people, and the style/fashion/lifestyle niche especially has the most fabulous ladies with whom I adore interacting. I love participating in challenges with other bloggers, reading everyone’s beautiful prose, seeing everyone’s gorgeous photos, and even just commenting. It’s all about the connection for me. As a true introvert, I sincerely appreciate the blogging community. And that, my friends, is why I blog.


Five (5) Random Facts about Moi


1. I was never paid for. Right after I was born, my dad waited in line to pay the hospital bill. The line was incredibly long, and he happend to see a window with a sign that said you could leave your information and they would send you a bill in the mail. My dad filled out the card, but my parents never received a bill. When I was younger and my parents would tell me to do something and I refused, my dad would say, “I OWN you.” I’d say, “Nuh uh, I wasn’t paid for.” Consequently, my parents would use this against me, because I was constantly terrified that the Portsmouth Naval Hospital was going to show up one day and take me away.

2. I have no concept of time. Really. With the the exception of getting to work, I can look at a clock and KNOW I have to leave in 20 minutes, but I will dawdle…seriously dawdle. Check my computer, check out my hair, eat, walk around the house, etc. Then I wonder why I’m so late. PS: If I ever say I’m five minutes away, chances are it’s 10-15. I’ve gotten better about this though!

3. Personality wise, I’m Miranda. Fashion wise, I’m Carrie.

4. I’ve only gotten in trouble for cheating once. I was in second grade. It was our first spelling test (at my new school). We did the old school thing where you had to put two folders up in front of your test so no one could look at your paper. I had the genius idea to put the spelling list inside my folder. I wasn’t even necessarily ill-prepared for the test; I think I was just so nervous about doing well on my first test at my new school, that I wanted to make sure that my score would be perfect. However, right after the test started, I felt guilty for cheating and decided to take the list out the folder and put it away. That’s when I got caught. Scandalous, I know.

5. I used to be obsessed with Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals. I mean obsessed. I am the only 5th grader I know who listened to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack on her walkman or who could do a one-woman rendition of Evita complete with lyrics, musical score, and dance numbers. Super appropriate for a 10-year old to walk around singing songs about a woman sleeping her way to the top. I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that I still hold this love of musicals in my heart to this day.

Day 1 is in the books! I’m happy to say that forcing myself to write out why I blog has ignited a fire within I feel like I’m being so cheesy, but I’ve been missing blogging and am happy to be back!

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2 thoughts on “12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 1: Why Do You Blog + 5 Random Facts

  1. Meghan October 20, 2014 at 9:19 pm Reply

    This would be so fun to participate in! Maybe I can tackle it next month. I laughed pretty loudly about the “I was never paid for” fact. Pretty funny. That would never happen now.

    • Brittney @ Quirky Britches October 20, 2014 at 10:36 pm Reply

      You totally should! I’m toying with doing this periodically….maybe other other month or something or making new ones. Who knows! 🙂

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