12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 8: One Day I Want to ____ + An Outfit

Here’s another random outfit I found on the camera the other day. Figured I may as well let is have its moment in the (internet) sun. Warning: grainy iPhone photos and pasty legs ahead!

striped bag leopard sandals navy fit and flare

printed scarf cardigan navy dress striped bag

printed scarf cardigan fit and flare dress sandalsInstagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // Poshmark //YouTube

Yet another brunch outfit for you because what else do I do besides blog, work, and brunch? Answer: not much. But you knew that.

similar dress // similar cardigan // similar scarf (mine was gifted to me from Bamboo Blossom from South Africa!) // bag // similar sandals

Speaking of not doing much on a day to day basis, what a great segue into Day 8 of the 12 Day Blogger Challenge, which is “One day I want to ____.”

This one is kind of hard, which is funny because I wrote it. One day I want to do a lot of stuff, but I guess ultimately, one day I want to feel like I’m doing something meaningful with my life. That includes a job and doing worthwhile things like more traveling of the world. That includes working on something I’m passionate about. That includes getting more involved with volunteering. That includes just waking up every day knowing that I’m making some sort of difference. Now, I know that as a teacher, I was making a difference in students’ lives, but I didn’t really feel like was growing as a person, too. I felt sort of stagnant doing the same thing year after year. That seems sort of selfish, I know. Teachers are amazing individuals, and I just started to feel like sort of a fraud.  It took me awhile to gather the courage to finally realize that doing what other’s perceive as a “noble” job is great (though I hate when people call teaching noble), butt if I’m not 100% happy with what I’m doing, that’s a disservice to not only myself but to my colleagues and students as well. And that’s not fair to anyone. Don’t get my wrong, there’s a chance a few years from now that I may realize how much I truly miss teaching, and I’m completely fine with going back (I DO miss teaching Etymology like woah); I just feel like my current “What am I doing with my life?” stint right now is okay. I’m still young. I still have time (hopefully). San Francisco is also the perfect city for someone like myself who is just trying to figure it out. But one day, one day I hope I figure it out.

What about you? What do you want to do one day? Let me know! 

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2 thoughts on “12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 8: One Day I Want to ____ + An Outfit

  1. Meghan October 27, 2014 at 8:44 pm Reply

    I’m the same way. I want to do a lot of things in my life. I really like that dress. Best of all– it’s navy.

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