12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 10: 10 Randos from my Brain

Today’s post is all about the random thoughts I can muster from my brain.

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1. I’m currently listening to “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift. What else is new?

2. I’ve been doing some research on moving servers for my blog, but it’s basically making my head swivel. I found this great tutorial, but the pictures are broken. I’m more of a visual learner. Times like this are when having a techy friend (or husband) would come in handy! Any tips??

3. As of right now, 8:49am on Wednesday 10/29, I lack plans for Halloween. If I have to end up dressing up, I have NO idea what I’ll be.

4. Yesterday when I got a manicure, the manicurist basically told me I picked a color that wouldn’t look as good. I disagree, but gee, thanks.


5. I’ve already started making a mental list of the places we need to visit when we go home for Christmas. On the list so far: Recess/Room Four (where I used to work), Milktooth (owner is the former sous chef at Recess – so excited that his new restaurant is doing well!), Eat + Drink, Patachou, Bakersfield, and more, I’m sure. Will I have enough time to visit all of those places? I’m going to try!

6. Macgyver is the cutest. But we all knew that already.


7. I won a contest at work, which is weird because I never win anything. I’m redeeming my “prize” today, which is a tour of our warehouse (more exciting than it sounds). I realize I’ve yet to really talk about my job, but I have plans to soon. Promise.

8. I’m not ashamed to admit I wore a “Canadian Tuxedo” for half a day yesterday, and I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that that’s probably exactly what I’ll wear for the tour today, which I have to leave for soon.

9. I have this scarf and this scarf, but if I don’t get this scarf, resulting in the Target scarf trifecta, then I feel like I will be a blogger failure. 😛


10. I’m been slaaaaaacking on the fitness end. Like hardcore slacking. Tony, Shaun, Cassey, and all the other work out gods would be ashamed.

Indy friends, any other new restaurants I need to try?? Also, can someone please recommend a new song for me to listen to??

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2 thoughts on “12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 10: 10 Randos from my Brain

  1. Meghan October 29, 2014 at 3:34 pm Reply

    I’m not sure how I missed that your dog’s name is MacGyver. Talk about the best boston terrier name ever. It’s the best. Your manicurists opinion is pretty much why I never go to the nail salon anymore.

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