12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 12: A Day in the Life

And I was doing so well. Man, this weekend just flew by, and I didn’t have much time to blog. On Friday I had to write Day 11. I had intentions of putting this post together Friday night, but life happened. Then, Saturday I had to work on my actual job, you know, the one that pays me money. So, here we are Sunday night. I decided to just sort of wrap up the whole weekend rather than one day; trust me, it’s far more interesting that way.


1. I woke up somewhat late because Brett is a horrible sleep talker / walker and he kept loudly babbling every so often (it seemed like every 5 minutes) and waking me up. We are also dog sitting, so that’s always interesting at night too.

2. I had a haircut appointment at 10am, so I ate half of a MacroBar for breakfast (so bad…don’t skip breakfast!). Of course I forgot to take pictures of my hair.

3. On the way back home, I stopped by Backyard Kitchen and grabbed a wrap and a cookie. I devoured said wrap before I even thought about photographing it. Here’s my cookie.


Complete with Hint cucumber water, of course.

3. I finally got the dogs to settle down for a cute picture.


Then this happened. Mac’s face cracks me up.


4. I did some blogging and wrote Day 11 of #12DayBlogger Challenge. Here I am just casually sitting at my computer. (So I have my budget post up because originally I was just going to show my day from Thursday. Oops.)


5. I started craving another cookie. I did not go get one. High five to me.

6. Then I took some creepy photos of the dogs. Cuteness ensues.



7. For the rest of the afternoon/early evening I worked (I work from home). Then I opened a bottle of wine.

8. Around 8:00pm, I threw together a random pirate costume (I felt lame not dressing up on the actual night of Halloween), and we went to Off the Grid for dinner and then to a couple of random bars on Chestnut.



1. Brett and I got up somewhat early and hit up Goodwill to grab some costume pieces. We had Burger King for lunch (not typical of us AT ALL, but we were short on time and it was convenient).

2. Around noon, Brett went to a Purdue game gathering, and I worked for several, several hours. It was seriously my whole day. Thrilling. Here I am just casually sitting on my couch, chugging away.


3. Around 7:00pm, we got ready in our costumes while waiting for a couple of friends to come over.


Get it??? If not, see here!

4. We went out for a few hours, but we went to Polk Street, which is sort of a chill area anyway. That and with it being November 1 and all, there weren’t many other costumes; however, there were some photo booth shenanigans.




1. Slept in pretty late.

2. Had a quick lunch at Crave.

3. Went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s along with what seemed like half the city. It was a mad house.

4. Made a quick and tasty Sweet Potato Chili.


5. Now we are watching The Killing, which we just started tonight!

How was your weekend? Hopefully you had an awesome Halloween! 

Well, that wraps up the 12 Day Blogger Challenge; thanks to all who participated! Link up below! I’m going to keep the link up open until Monday 11/3 at midnight. 

1. Participate each day. Latecomers welcome – start when you can!

2. Add your link(s) below.

3. Please mention in your posts that you are linking up with Quirky Britches’ 12 Day Blogger Challenge and provide a link.

4. Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow me to install a Widget, but make sure you check out the other fabulous bloggers through the link below!

If you’re not familiar, check out the 12 Day Blogger Challenge explanation post!


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