Taking Stock 03 // The “I’ve Lived in SF for 6 Months Now!” Edition

I kind of can’t believe we’ve been here for six months already! In that time, we’ve made a small handful of friends, done some touristy stuff, and drank lots and lots of wine. I figured it was about time to take some stock!

Making : excuses for not blogging and/or working. Get it together, girl.
Cooking : a decent amount but not as much as I’d like. Next week, I’m starting this “8 week plan,” (more on that soon!) so I’ll pretty much be doing nothing but cooking.
Drinking : wine, lots of wine. Seriously, “when in Rome” has never rang more true for me than with living in Northern California!
Reading : not much. I’ve been “reading” We Were Liars for a few weeks now…it’s actually due back to the library, but I keep telling myself I’m going to read it!
Wanting : to do something fun; I just don’t know what! Being vague is my specialty.
Looking : at different life options. It’s like there are too many but not enough at the same time.
Playing : with my little boy!
Wasting : money, really. On cocktails, coffee, clothes, I don’t need. #YOLO right? (I just bought these but paid for them with money from my Poshmark account, but that doesn’t count right?)
Sewing : still nothing. (Every time I fill this out, I say I’m going to get rid of this one, but I never do.)
Wishing : there were more hours in the day, but mainly only because I sometimes put off work until the end of the evening, or I forget to work out, etc.
Enjoying : all my free time still, but starting to want/need something more with my life. (same as the last time I wrote this in JANUARY!)
Waiting : for noon to roll around because I have a hot coffee date with Lauryn.
Liking : our Halloween costumes this year. Even though we dressed up on a bad night and no one else really appreciated them, still like love!
Dem eyebrows doe!
Wondering : if I should chop my hair off, and by chop off, I mean go for a lob.
Loving : that it’s November, and it’s in the 60s/low 70s! AND this view from my apartment!
Hoping : to go on more exciting adventures, make more friends, see more movies (have I ever talked about how I just genuinely enjoy theater going experiences? I really do!)
Marveling : at a) the Into the Woods trailer I just watched, b) at how hilarious this week’s New Girl episode was ( 1 // 2 ), and c) how sucked in to The Killing I am after only a few episodes. Apparently I don’t marvel at things like natural wonders of the world; I marvel at film and television.
Needing : to go back to Vegas STAT!
Smelling: a pumpkin spice candle. Duh. #BWG
Wearing : leggings and an oversized striped tee, which is pretty much my uniform these days.
Following : ALL the cute dog Instagrams. My favorites these days are @ThreeLittleBostons, @otisbarkingston, and @callmechowder! (You should probably go ahead and follow @macgyvertheboston while you’re at it!)
Noticing : that I need to get my hair done…my roots are starting to show (real talk!). — Again, keeping this from JANUARY….some things never change!
Knowing : that soon we’ll be traveling home for Christmas already stresses me out, but it puts a little joy in my heart, too. 🙂
Wondering : when in the world I’m going to figure my life out.
Feeling : a little chilly and a little hungry. That calls for shoes and a snack. Easy fix, self.
Bookmarking : lots of info on owning my own domain, changing blog servers, etc. It’s maddening.
Opening : up to new possibilities, people, places, etc. Trying to anyway.
Giggling : at how lazy Macgyver is. I’m always giggling at that guy.
What are you enjoying, hoping, cooking, feeling, or giggling at right now?  Or better yet, blog your own “Taking Stock” list and link it up below in the comments!

I first saw “Taking Stock” on The Daybook, but the idea originated on Meet Me At Mike’s.


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