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{{My First Ever}} 30×30: The Whole Shebang

I’m going to be honest: I’m SO glad this is over. It was fun for the most part, but I’m happy to be back to wearing whatever I want. I feel like my poor closet has been so neglected this past month. As promised, here are what I feel are the pros and cons of participating in the 30×30 challenge:

– Fewer items to choose from (usually) means less time to figure out what to wear. Usually I can go through six different choices before I decide on something, but with 30×30, you already have less to choose from, so getting dressed typically was faster.
– I got to see more of my creative side. Sometimes I did get a little lazy and put together some pretty simple outfits, but most of the time, I had to use my little brain and come up with combinations I probably would not have thought of ordinarily.
– I was forced to layer. Why just wear a sweater when you can wear an oxford under a sweater? Instead of just a tunic, how about knotting a chambray over the tunic?
– It does show you that you don’t NEED a large closet.
– It forced me to get dress even on days when I didn’t want to leave the house.

– On the other hand, maybe I don’t NEED a large closet (and I commend those who don’t), but I want one. I want lots of choices.
– It got boring. I get bored with a lot of things: nail color, hair color, the book I’m reading ,etc., and clothes are no exception. I kind of got to the point where I was like, “If I have to wear these black jeans ONE more time…” Boring.
– It came to a point to where getting dressed was no longer fun. Instead of, “What can I create today?” towards the end, I started feeling like, “Uh, how can I wear this red flannel again?” or “Guess I’ll just throw on the polka dot jeans….again.”
– I failed at the no shopping thing. A lot.
– Simply, when I tell myself I can’t do something, I want to that much more.
– I didn’t really feel like I learned anything new about myself in terms of clothing. I noticed patterns, but they were things I really already knew.

So, for me, it appears that this challenge had more cons than pros. I do not think I will be doing this again anytime soon, and if I did, it would have to be warmer weather. The extreme cold I think is one of the things that turned me off just a bit. Let’s go ahead and look at all the outfits I came up with. Some were winners, and some definitely weren’t.











Favorites: 2, 10, 15, 17, 18, 28
Non-favs: 1, 5, 8

I was going to do an analysis of sorts, but I really just want to get on my with life. In a nutshell, here’s what I’ve learned:

1. Two of my least favorite outfits involved that floral dress. I think it’s time to get rid of it.
2. This winter, I’ve been loving thick tights or leggings, a short skirt, a knotted top, and an infinity scarf. It’s just an easy look to throw together, especially for my job.
3. I forced myself to wear heels more often than I normally do, just to get some use out of the red heels and to have more variety, which has resulted in my wanting to wear heels more often all the time.
4. I barely wore the brown cardigan. I think this is because it was the least warm out of my three cardis.
5. I’m not afraid to mix neutrals.
6. I need to either mix up my necklaces or look through some old jewelry. I definitely play favorites.
7. I really, really dislike outfit 8.
8. Though I don’t care too much for outfit 5, it’s been one of my most pinned outfits. I guess it’s true that one woman’s “trash” is another woman’s treasure. Guess you never know what other people will like, which makes me think maybe it’s not so bad?

Well, that wraps up my first 30×30! Thanks for tagging along!

30×30: 30/30 La Fin

Here we have the last 30×30 outfit!





20140131-120256.jpgLet’s Be Friends:  Instagram  I  Twitter  I  Pinterest  I  Facebook  I  Bloglovin  I  YouTube

That’s it – I’m done!  Feels really good.  As I’ve said before, 30×30 definitely has some pros and cons, which I will go over in detail tomorrow for my whole challenge wrap up.  Therefore…I don’t have much else to say.  Later!

chambray  I  similar blazer  I  similar skirt  I  similar heels  I  similar necklace

30×30: 29/30 Smize

Did you hear that?




20140130-152310.jpgLet’s Be Friends:  Instagram  I  Twitter  I  Pinterest  I  Facebook  I  Bloglovin  I  YouTube

That was Tyra telling me I’m still in the running to become America’s Next Top Model.  I mean look at that smizing up there.  This contest is over.

Speaking of things being over: one more outfit until I’m done with 30×30!  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for something to be over in my entire life.  Except maybe high school.  Or that one time I babysat when I was younger (sidenote: I hate babysitting).

similar sweatshirt  I  similar polka dot blouse  I  similar shorts (on sale!) I  similar boots  I  similar necklace  I  similar coat  I  gloves

PS: Check out this outfit on the Wednesday Style Connection!

30×30: 28/30 Barney

I’m not talking about the Flinstones, the dude from How I Met Your Mother, or the New York store…




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I felt very Barney the Dinosaur today. I suppose not in a terrible way (though I don’t really know how it could be good); I just get a certain feeling when I pair purple and green together….Barney. Never mind the fact that I fought the urge all day to sing songs about cleaning and sharing. My co-workers thought that was weird.

top: similar 1 (on sale!) or similar 2 (on sale!) I similar cardigan I jeans I similar shoes I similar scarf I similar earrings: 1, 2, 3

PS:  Please excuse my photo quality from the past few weeks.  Something’s up with my camera, so I feel like I over-edit to compensate.  Plus I need a photography refresher…everything I learned last summer has slowly left my brain.  Any recommendations?  Oh, and look who decided to just wander on into the frame?


30×30: 27/30 French Toast

Simplifying 30×30 today;  not all outfits have to be complicated.

photo (69)


striped sweater black jeans boots jewel necklace 2


striped sweater black jeans boots jewel necklace 4


striped sweater black jeans boots jewel necklace 3Let’s Be Friends:  Instagram  I  Twitter  I  Pinterest  I  Facebook  I  Bloglovin  I  YouTube

With black jeans and boots, a black and white striped sweater, red lips, and a simple necklace, I felt very French today.  And when I think of French, I think of toast.  Because I like French Toast.  And now…I want some French Toast.  Dammit.

If you’ve happened to notice that my hair has been looking the same lately (see here and here), then I have to admit that on Sunday (when it was a scorcher of 40 degrees), I took advantage of the “warm” weather and photographed all the outfits I had missed last week as well as front loaded some that I have worn/will be wearing this week.  Gotta be smart in this blogging game.  Winter 2  /  Brittney 2

jeans  I  similar boots  (another pair with a heel)  I  similar sweater  I  similar necklace  I  lips: Revlon Lip Butter in “Cherry Tart”

30×30: 26/30 Rainbow Bright

Lots of colors going on today, and I love it.



quirky britches black dress blue tights orange scarf 3


quirky britches black dress blue tights orange scarf 4


quirky britches black dress blue tights orange scarf 2Let’s Be Friends:  Instagram  I  Twitter  I  Pinterest  I  Facebook  I  Bloglovin  I  YouTube

I knew that I wanted to wear the black dress with brown boots and brown belt, but once I put that on, I needed some color.  Bright blue tights?  Sure.  Green earrings?  Yah.  Orange scarf?  Don’t mind if I do.  Am I wearing a bunch of random colors?  Obviously.  Do I like it?  Of course.  Can I ask anymore questions?  Probably.

Anyway, for those who are over my weirdness, this outfit provided a nice date night with Brett, complete with Pad Thai and frozen yogurt.  Then we went home and watched Flowers in the Attic.  Incest and arsenic – how romantic.

similar dress  I  similar cardigan  I  tights  I  boots  I  similar scarf (on sale!)  I  similar earrings  I  similar belt

30×30: 25/30 Adult Formula

And outfit like this makes me feel very adult…



quirky britches striped sweater gingham oxford 3


quirky britches striped sweater gingham oxford 1


quirky britches striped sweater gingham oxford 2Let’s Be Friends:  Instagram  I  Twitter  I  Pinterest  I  Facebook  I  Bloglovin  I  YouTube

But not in a bad way; in a “I feel very put together” sort of way.  Even with skinny jeans, a sweater, oxford, and statement/chunky necklace always feels very polished to me, even with a messy top knot and glasses.  I’m pretty confident I could roll out of bed with greasy hair, throw on the aforementioned “formula,” and still look like I’m ready to head somewhere very important.  Or at least to Starbucks.

similar sweater  I  similar gingham  I  similar necklace  I  jeans (on sale!)  I  ankle boots: exact (in limited sizes) or similar

{{My First Ever}} 30×30 Roundup: Week Four

I can’t believe my next post will be the last week of 30×30!  Time has flown by but also crawled at the pace of a sloth.  It’s a love/hate thing.


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Outfits: 19  I  20  I  21  I  22  I  23  I  24

I’m not going to lie to you: I am SO ready for this to be over.  There are a lot of pros, but there are definitely some cons as well (to be gone over in my complete wrap up post).  I’m ready to embrace all my new clothes and my closet as a whole!  Oh well, I’m bound and determined to finish this damn thing, so let’s do this!

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6 more days, and we’re done!!

30×30: 24/30 A Polka Dot Leopard

On one of the super cold days last week, all I wanted to do was wear a sweatshirt to work.  This was my compromise.

photo (68)

polka dot jeans leopard flats 3


polka dot jeans leopard flats 4


polka dot jeans leopard flats 2Let’s Be Friends:  Instagram  I  Twitter  I  Pinterest  I  Facebook  I  Bloglovin  I  YouTube

I hadn’t worn the polka dot jeans in awhile.  Truth be told, I couldn’t find them!  Once I did, I had to give the black jeans a rest (mainly to wash them), and like I said above, I just threw on my raglan shirt and my heaviest cardigan.  I needed to add some interest to the outfit, so on went the leopard flats.  Nothing too special about the outfit, but it was comfortable, and it clothed my body.  So there’s that.

similar shoes  I  similar jeans  I  similar cardigan  I  similar sweatshirt  I  similar necklace