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Well, the holiday week just gave me quite the excuse to be lazy…slacking on my nutrition, slacking on my workouts, slacking on my blog. Cool, Britt, Cool.

boyfriend jeans boyfriend cardigan neon top red lips 2

boyfriend jeans boyfriend cardigan neon top red lips

boyfriend cardigan neon top

boyfriend jeans nude pointed flats black tote

boyfriend jeans boyfriend cardigan neon topInstagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // Poshmark //YouTube

One would think that I got away with wearing this on a mild day in September or early October; however, one would be wrong. I was able to wear this on November 23, thus why I love living in this city. Other than quite a bit of rain the past couple of weeks, it’s still been pretty warm here, never getting colder than the high 50s during the day.

But enough about the weather. I wore this outfit to go see the Hunger Games (sorry, Mockingjay), and it was the perfect comfy ensemble for film watching. Relaxed fit boyfriend jeans and a cozy boyfriend sweater made watching the slow-paced movie a bit more bearable. Honestly, I enjoyed the film, but I have to agree with everyone else that it seemed like it did not need to be stretched into two films. I mean, the book was pretty slow-paced too from what I remember. But what do I know? I’m just a girl dressed like her boyfriend. Or something.

similar jeans // similar top // similar cardigan* // almost the same bag* (same brand, similar style) // similar flats // somewhat similar necklace (but not really…but still super cute!)

*Cardigan and bag were purchased via Stitch Fix (RD Style Tanner Waffle Knit Cardigan & Street Level Parvin Reversible Hang Tag Tote)

What did you think of Mockingjay? Recommend any movies lately??


Burgundy, anyone?

Burgundy is one of my favorite fall colors, so for a dinner out Saturday, I thought top, lips, bag? Burgundy? Let’s do this.

burgundy Stitch Fix dolman top Toms wedges Target plaid scarf2

burgundy Stitch Fix dolman top Target plaid scarf

Toms wedges Just Fab Gallerista

burgundy Stitch Fix dolman top Toms wedges Target plaid scarfInstagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // Poshmark //YouTube

So I was doing some thinking, and I think I miss outfit posts! I guess it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, huh? Therefore, I’ve decided that I will do two (maybe 3) outfit posts a week as well as the other various lifestyle topics I’ve been posting. I think that will be a healthy balance for me (and hopefully you!).

Now that that’s out of the way, can we talk about these Toms wedges?? I used to think the open toed wedges were cute in theory, but I never liked the blue Toms tag on the back. Don’t get me wrong, I love Toms and its mission, but if I’m going to wear a pair of open toed wedges with a nice outfit, a bright blue label on the back of the shoes sort of throws the aesthetic off for me. Recently though, a girl I work with wore these wedges and raved about how comfortable they are. I thought they looked amazing, and then I noticed the dark, embossed label on the back that totally blends in. I was sold. The day I got them in the mail, I put them right on and didn’t take them off the rest of the day. Move over Target ankle wedges, these are officially my favorite fall shoe!

boots: here or here // scarf (out of stock online – find in store) // similar top* // jeans //  bag (sold out, but you can join the waitlist – here’s something similar) // lips: Revlon Lip Butter in “Red Velvet” mixed with Nyx Matte Lip Cream in “San Paulo

*Top was purchased via Stitch Fix (Sawyer Dolman Top from Market and Spruce)

Have you tried Toms wedges? What do you think??


Classic Print Mixing + 12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 6: Pet Peeves

Throwing an OOTD into the mix today. I haven’t posted an outfit in awhile, and this one is from a few months back (hence back to the summer’s ombre hair).

striped top abstract print skirt statement necklace

striped top abstract print skirt statement necklace retro sunglasses 2

striped top abstract print skirt statement necklace 2

striped top abstract print skirt statement necklace retro sunglasses 3

striped top abstract print skirt statement necklace retro sunglassesInstagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // Poshmark //YouTube

As we were unpacking the last of the lingering boxes, I found these sunglasses that I’ve had for awhile. I never wear them, but for some reason on this day, I just had an itch to throw these retro shades on before we left the house. Speaking of retro, when is Mad Men coming back?? For reals. #randomthoughtoftheday

similar top // Loveappella Kacie swing skirt via Stitch Fix (similar optionalso, here’s the same pattern from Loveappella in a midi pencil skirt) // somewhat similar flats // similar sunglasses // bag // similar necklace // lips: Revlon Lip Butter in “Cherry Tart

PS: These shades are currently for sale in my Poshmark closet.


Now for Day 6 of the 12 Day Blogger Challenge: a quick list of what makes me tick aka pet peeves.

1. Unnecessary quotation marks. I was reading reviews of Sonoma hotels a few weeks ago, when I came across this: “At the club lounge, “Mike” was both entertaining and helpful – he was the highlight of our stay.” Why? Like did the writer believe that Mike was allegedly the employee’s name? I don’t get it, and I can’t stand it.

2. Incorrect apostrophe usage. The other day there was a sign in my apartment building that said, “Heads up: Camera’s were installed in the parking lot.” A of all, yay for the cameras, but B of all, apostrophes indicate possession. What exactly belongs to the cameras, pray tell?

3. When Brett doesn’t lock the door. I’m such a paranoid person. Like ridiculously so. Whenever I happen to pass to the front door and realize that it’s unlocked, I get so mad. I mean, we live in a secure building; one must have a key to enter, so there’s really no reason to be paranoid, but old habits die hard.

4. When someone responds to an email I send and he/she spells my name wrong. I’ve lived with people misspelling my name my whole life, so I’m used to it; however, when I send an email and sign it with the correct spelling, and the person replies to the email by addressing me with the wrong spelling, I just don’t get it.

5. “Dear Diary” Facebook posts. It’s super great that you woke up, had breakfast, washed your car, went to work, and oh, darn it, McDonald’s got your order wrong. Such a tough day you had, huh? I get wanting to vent, but that’s what blogs are for. Start a blog if you want to write about your day. Or hell, even Tweet it. Tweets are fleeting. Facebook page are pretty inescapable. Let’s be honest: most of us just want to see pictures of cats on Facebook.

6. When someone tells me I can’t do something. Unfortunately, I can be somewhat apathetic about some things, including my current quest for a new career path. Sometimes I’m just like, “Meh, que sera sera.” However, if someone tells me that I can’t do something, that I’m not capable, a flip switches, and I have to prove that person wrong. The same thing goes for if someone tells me I’m wrong about something, such as a piece of trivia. I immediately have to turn to the internet to prove that person wrong. Sometimes I am misinformed, but usually, I’m right. I’m always right.

What about you? Do you identify with any of my pet peeves? I know that I have so many more, but it’s funny that when you’re put on the spot, you can’t think of anything!

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Back to Basics

I’ve been in sort of a fashion rut lately. I know I’ve mentioned Poshmark before, but I seriously went through my closet a couple of months ago and did a MAJOR sweeping of items to get rid of. As a result, I feel like I don’t have much left to wear. As a result of that result, I’ve been wearing a lot of basics lately, and I’m not mad about it.

distressed jeans ankle booties boyfriend sweater

distressed jeans ankle booties boyfriend sweater2


boyfriend sweater statement necklace

distressed jeans ankle booties

distressed jeans ankle booties boyfriend sweater statement necklaceFriendship: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // Poshmark // YouTube

And while I went back to basics, I also went back to dark with my hair. The ombre was fun for awhile, but I feel more me now. Additionally, I am obsessed with these booties. I love them so much, I immediately ordered the black pair as well. Here in San Francisco, it’s hard to choose footwear because you never know when you’ll be walking long distances, and the hilly sidewalks aren’t very heel-friendly. These boots are perfect though because the chunky heel makes them comfortable and walkable. Take that, SF hills. Just kidding; respect the earth and all that junk.

boots // similar jeans (on sale!) // similar tee // similar cardigan // necklace: Bay to Baubles via Stitch Fix (here’s something similar) // similar bag (in different colors)


Between Two Ferns

Breaking in a new pair of shoes from my July purchases

sweater silver flats burgundy purse statement necklace3

sweater silver flats burgundy purse statement necklace

sweater burgundy purse statement necklace

sweater silver flats burgundy purse

sweater silver flats burgundy purse statement necklace2Friendship: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // Poshmark // YouTube

I actually wore this outfit a few weeks ago to see the movie Begin Again. Can I just say that I absolutely adored that movie?! I mean, it’s not the best film I’ve ever seen, but it was so darn cute and it left me optimistic at the end. I seriously just felt so warm and fuzzy and uplifted while watching. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a movie going experience like that. I highly recommend.

Now these shoes. I love them. I’m still riding aboard the d’Orsay Express (clearly), but I love that these silver shoes give a bit of sparkle pop to an otherwise dark outfit. Oh, and shout out to the city of San Francisco for always providing me with an amazing background, no matter where I am. And, of course, these two “ferns.”

shoes (almost sold out) // similar jeans // purse (sold out but it may come back – here’s something similar) // similar top // necklace // similar sweater



Red Leopard

After the positive response from this outfit (and by positive, I mean like maybe 2 people seemed at all interested), I decided to purchase another red dress…

(Warning: more grainy iPhone photos ahead…)

red fit and flare dress leopard scarf moto jacket ballet flats


red fit and flare dress leopard scarf moto jacket

red fit and flare dress leopard scarf moto jacket ballet flats2

red dress leopard scarf red lips moto jacketLet’s Be Friends: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // YouTube

This dress was featured in my June Budget post, and it got so many clicks. Unfortunately, I got it on sale and it is no longer available, but apparently I picked a winner. This was the perfect outfit for signing up for a SF library card and a quick dinner at Lite Bite, both of which I did and both of which are just blocks from my apartment. I mean, books and pre-made, microwaveable, healthy eats – what more do you need within walking distance?

similar dress // similar scarf // similar moto jacket // similar shoes // bag // lips: Revlon Lip Butter in “Cherry Tart


All the Brights

Sometimes you just need a simple dress and bright accessories…

patterned dress orange sandals yellow necklace pink lips cut out back

patterned dress orange sandals yellow necklace pink lips

patterned dress yellow necklace pink lips

patterned dress orange sandals

patterned dress orange sandals yellow necklace pink lips2Let’s Be Friends: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // YouTube

When I woke up two Sundays ago, all I had on my mind was one thing: brunch. Additionally, it was a rare HOT day in San Francisco, so a light dress and sandals were necessary. Essentially, I threw on this dress and just added one bright accessory after another until my hungry overtook me and I.Needed.Brunch. If you’re wondering, I received this adorable necklace from Natasha at Bamboo Blossom via a blogger box swap (which is sadly defunct at this point); it’s from South Africa, and I love it!

If you’re not wondering, after brunch, we did a little Farmers’ Market browsing. Feast your eyes upon me (wo)man-handling produce!

photo1 (58)

photo2 (51)

dress: similar 1 or similar 2 // similar sandals // similar sunglasses // “Magic Kingdom” bag from JustFab // lips: “Coral Crush” from Pixi (unavailable online)



Casually Standing in Front of a Small Door

A little color blocking for a night of dinner and froyo…

teal blouse distressed jeans wedges burgundy bag top knot

teal blouse distressed jeans wedges burgundy bag

teal blouse burgundy bag2

teal blouse burgundy bag

teal blouse statement necklace top knot

teal blouse distressed jeans wedges burgundy bag2Let’s Be Friends: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // YouTube

We tried a place a couple of blocks from us called Perry’s (I think there are multiple locations in SF). Though I liked the Chicago-like decor and atmosphere, it was just okay. I think I’d go back for drinks and appetizers, but the entrees were just so-so. Afterwards…froyo (naturally) and a nightcap at a hip little Italian place down the street called Ottimista (this place I want to go back and try). That’s about it. I never claimed to lead an exciting life.

similar blouse // similar jeans // similar necklace // “Gallerista” bag from JustFab (currently sold out, but there is a waitlist…here’s a similar choice) // similar wedges

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, lovelies – did you do anything incredible? Do tell!

Hopping on the Pineapple Bandwagon

I never thought I’d really be into pineapple print, but then I saw this shirt when I was randomly at TJ Maxx last week…
midi skirt knotted pineapple top denim jacket

knotted pineapple shirt denim jacket

midi skirt knotted pineapple shirt statement necklace

midi skirt knotted pineapple top denim jacket 2

midi skirt knotted pineapple top denim jacket 3Let’s Be Friends: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // YouTube

I adore this little cropped pineapple shirt! I’ve already worn it knotted like so and loose with jeans. I kind of want to wear it every day, but let’s be honest: I’m wearing yoga pants indoors most of the time while I’m job searching. The glamorous life of QB. I tell ya.

tank (love this one, too!)  //  similar skirt // sandals (sold out, but they’ll probably come back…here’s a similar pair) // similar jacket  // similar purse  // similar sunglasses // somewhat similar necklace // lips: Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in “San Paulo


Lady in Red (Stripes)

I’ve had this Gap dress since February, but this is actually the first time I’ve worn it…

striped red dress leopard sandals grey sweater statement necklace2

striped red dress grey sweater statement necklace

striped red dress grey sweater leopard flats JustFab Publicist bag

striped red dress leopard sandals grey sweater statement necklaceLet’s Be Friends: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // YouTube

I love a casual dress like this for brunch and running errands, which, wouldn’t ya know, is what I did in this outfit. I don’t wear much red, but I really should because I love the way the color is popping in these photos. Plus, aren’t redheads like supposed to wear red or something? To make them extra siren-y? I don’t know. What I do know is that you may have noticed a change in my hair today and yesterday. As in it’s suuuuper light on the ends. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. I got it fixed today, so all is well. I know you were worried.

sandals // similar dress // similar sweater // similar necklace // “Publicist” bag from JustFab (currently sold out, but here’s something similar) // sunglasses (in different colors)

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