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My First Giveaway!! (CLOSED)

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Today I have a giveaway – my first one, in fact! And in true, weirdo QB fashion, my giveaway doesn’t consist of jewelry or designer jeans – I will be giving away a collection of items I have been curating since we left Indianapolis!

If you’ve been following our adventure on my other blog, then some of these things probably look familiar to you, as most of them are things I picked up along the way on our road trip from Indianapolis to San Francisco. So what are these seemingly random things?


Indianapolis, IN

1. Just Pop In! Hoosier Mama Bloody Mary popcorn – I was given a bunch of popcorn for the drive from the lovely ladies at Just Pop In!, a local shop in Indy. Really, they gave me way too much, and I have a lot left over. The Bloody Mary is my favorite flavor, so I’d like to give a bag away to share the (delicious) love!*

Kansas City, MO

2. Gates Bar-B-Q Sauce – This is apparently a Kansas City staple in BBQ…and isn’t that what you think of when you think of KC?

Wamego, KS

3. Oz Winery koozie – This was a cool little winery we stopped at after the Oz Museum.

4. Oz Museum pen – Really, if you haven’t watched the video of our trip to the Oz Museum, do yourself a favor and watch it. It was such a hilarious/fun/quirky place!

Somewhere in Colorado

5. “Handwoven” basket – The above video explains where I got this, why I say “somewhere in CO,” and why I say “handwoven.” I thought it was kind of cool and a cute little basket for rings, change, whatever you’d like something to hold your something in!

Salt Lake City, UT

6. Super Authentic “Good Karma” Candle – I don’t know why I bought this…I guess I liked the color, and it smells good! You’re sure to feel super ZEN if you light this.  😉

7. Pioneer Valley Apricot Chunky Pineapple “Fancy Jam” – This is from a Utah-based company that makes jams and jellies. I really just like that it’s called FANCY jam!

San Francisco, CA

8. Alcatraz Inmate Slang playing cards – To me, this was pretty much the most useful souvenir from Alcatraz (unless you want to pay $9 for a “psycho ward” flask). I mean, obviously…you can learn phrases like “ridge runner,” “life on the installment plan,” and “called on the carpet.” Want to know what those mean? Guess you’ll just have to win the cards! Or Google it.

9. La Boulange Orange Blossom Shortbread CookiesLa Boulange has quickly become one of my favorites here in SF, and these cookies are SO GOOD! When I first tried them, I ate almost a whole pack in one sitting (so much for watching my figure). (Oh, and if you’re like me, thinking they taste orange flavored, they don’t at all!)

10. Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond bar – Yeah, yeah, you can get Ghiradelli anywhere, but THIS is a special Fisherman’s Wharf chocolate bar FROM Ghiradelli Square! Cool, right? Yah, whatever. Chocolate’s chocolate.

So what do you have to do to win all these AMAZING prizes that everyone will be surely jealous that you’ll own them?? Absolutely nothing! Wait, what? You heard me. The first entry is free with the chance to “earn” bonus entries! So what are you waiting on? Get to it. That chocolate’s not going to eat itself!**  I may even (more like probably will) throw in a few more extra goodies!  😉


No purchase necessary. Giveaway is only open to legal USA residents (sorry international friends!) and to those who are 18 and older. Giveaway is open from Tuesday, May 20 at 12:15am EST to Friday, May 27 at 11:59pm EST. First entry requires no action from entrant whatsoever; however, bonus entries may be “earned” by completing tasks outlined on the Rafflecopter page. All subsequent entries after the initial “freebie” entry will be checked to ensure the tasks were indeed completed. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Winner will be randomly chosen via Rafflecopter and will be announced within 48 hours of giveaway ending. Winner will then have 48 hours to contact me via email or else another winner will be chosen. Prize will be shipped within one week (7 days) of winner contacting me. 

*This popcorn was given to me a few weeks ago. It has been sealed ever since; however, I make no guarantees on its freshness. 🙂

**Unless I eat it first. Kiiiiiidding! 🙂


Drugstore Haul, Y’all!

Time for another haul – this time I made a video and perhaps had a little too much fun editing (of which I’m NOT an expert, mmkay??).  Enjoy!


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