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Sunday Funday 07 // 10.26.14 + 12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 7: Top 3 Fav Songs of the MOMENT

Haven’t done a Sunday Funday in awhile!

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A dinner outfit from last week. Ignore the messy room! To see more photos of my daily life, follow me on Instagram!


What You May Have Missed on QB in the past week

1. #12DayBloggerChallenge Day 1 – why I blog + 5 random facts about me

2. Day 2 – talking awkward moments with sea urchins, a high dog, and another awkward massage

3. Day 3 – I filmed a vlog to highlight 3 snacks and a drink that I love

4. Day 4 – my day in just 4 snapshots

5. Day 5 – discussing 5 things I’m currently loving

6. Day 6 – pet peeves + an outfit!

Blog Love

1. My (real life) friend Lauryn over at Fit Awakening blogged about her experience shopping at Lorna Jane. Check out the fantastic photography as well (I may be a bit biased, since I took them)!

2. Not So Korean Bride has been killin’ it with the #12DayBloggerChallenge

3. Loooove this editorial calendar template that Bookworms in Dresses made!

Pinteresting Finds

1. I may have to make these grilled buffalo chicken quesadillas one day this week.

2. This is pretty much life these days.

3. Amazed that this pin pretty much encapsulates my perfect casual fall outfit

On the Interwebs

1. Seeing Jim Carey dress and dance like the dancer from Sia’s Chandelier video made my day.

2. After talking about my love for Twin Peaks the other day, I kiiiiind of want to go as a Twin Peaks character for Halloween.

3. Texts From Your Ex is my new favorite Instagram account to follow (maybe NSFW).

And finally…..Day 7 of the 12 Day Blogger Challenge is three songs I love at the MOMENT, so not my all-time favorites but just what I’ve had on repeat lately. Enjoy!

1. “Work” by Iggy Azalea (warning: explicit lyrics)

2. “Lost Stars” by Keira Knightly (from the movie Begin Again)

3. “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift (ARE you surprised? #basicwhitegirlanthem)

What about you? Love any of these? Hate them? What are you favorite songs of the moment?

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If you’re not familiar, check out the 12 Day Blogger Challenge explanation post!


Sunday Funday 06 // 08.03.14

As things have been kind of slow around here, I decided to Sunday Funday it up for the entire month of July!

IMG_7154My happy place in our new apartment. To see more photos of my daily life, follow me on Instagram!


What You May Have Missed on QB in the past month:

1. A breezy outfit with pops of neon for a warm day at the Farmer’s Market

2. A review of my very first Stitch Fix box

3. Trying out another red outfit (with leopard accent)

4. My July purchases

Blog Love

1. My (real life) friend Rachel over at Baby Blythe Blog also wrote about her first Stitch Fix box.

2. I really appreciated this tutorial from Merrick’s Art on filling in your eyebrows.

3. As a former teacher, I love the way Danielle over at A Little Bit of Wowe has been showcasing “teacher style” by compiling the many ways she has styled her skirts.

Pinteresting Finds

1. Interested to try this recipe for sweet potato chocolate chip cookies

2. I just really need a wide brim floppy hat like this.

3. Good to know these flower arranging tips

On the Interwebs

1. San Francisco continues to be one of the most expensive cities in the country, yet apparently millennials are still moving here.

2. I crack up every time I look at these!

3. Admittedly, I’ve only skimmed through this so far, but there are hopefully some good tips on here about how to make Facebook less annoying.

Hope you’ve had a fun and relaxing Sunday Funday! I spent the day brunching, grocery shopping, and working out!

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Sunday Funday 04 // 05.25.14

It’s been awhile for a Sunday Funday!

photo2 (23)

photo4 (16)

photo1 (23)Photos from the Miranda Sings show I went to last weekend. She’s my favorite.

What You May Have Missed on QB in the past week:

1. I announced my first giveaway (ends Tuesday at midnight)!!

2. I wore a very light outfit that was pretty washed out in the sun, but I just had to show off my shoes.

3. A cute, casual ballet-inspired outfit

4. Lots of floral and some new striped shoes

Blog Love

1. This vegan party menu on Bamboo Blossom looks positively scrumptious – I want all the dips!

2. A Beautiful Mess seriously created my dream kitchen. Sigh.

3. Simply Sabrina blogged about a rockin’ turtleneck dress (4 words I never thought I’d say) – super cute!

Pinteresting Finds

1. You guys, I might have found THE swimsuit for this summer!

2. Once we move into our apartment, I can’t wait to make these flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!

3. Rainbow sangria, anyone? Yes, please!

On the Interwebs

1. A funny — yet totally true — look at how cell phones are making us flaky

2. 12 roommate horror stories that will make you cherish the mediocre roommates you’ve had

3. Pretty awesome Etsy gifts for Father’s Day

I’m off to the beach in Santa Cruz today – have a great Sunday! You can keep up with my beach adventures on Instagram.

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Sunday Funday 03 I 12.29.13

Last Sunday was my one-year wedding anniversary.  As a result, I didn’t really have a chance to post a Sunday Funday last week. I also wanted to post some wedding pictures, but then Christmas got in the way.  Anywho, enjoy this week’s Sunday Funday!

photo (17)

An art exhibit at The Alexander, where we stayed for our anniversary night

What You May Have Missed on QB in the past 2 weeks:

1. I wore another outfit with a men’s flannel shirt and then discussed my thoughts on borrowing from the Men’s Department

2. I made a video to review my December Birchbox

3. I made it onto the 12/19 Links a la Mode on IFB!

4. 6 Christmas Things I wasted time on found on the Internet

5. My Christmas in Instagram photos

6. Our 2013 Christmas card

7. I’ll be a doing a 30×30 Challenge for the month of January, starting on Wednesday.  Join me, won’t you??

Blog Love

1. Love this pairing of stripes and fur on Dazzle by Day

2. Create an ornament out of your wedding invitation (or anything special type of paper) from AJ Wears Clothes (I’m going to do this for next year!)

3. I don’t consider myself a baseball cap aficionado, but I give this houndstooth cap from Sarah’s Real Life two thumbs up!

Pinteresting Finds

1. Loving this look of denim, stripes, & brights

2. Fudgy Kahlua brownies, anyone?

3. Oh, Jennifer Lawrence, when can we be BFF?

On the Interwebs

1. Enjoy this Tumblr of “Bad Engagement Photos” – sort of like Awkward Family Photos.

2. Have you seen the 2013 YouTube Rewind video?  (2012’s was pretty good, too.)

3. How addicted to Twitter are you?

Today I will be brunching (what else is new) and seeing American Hustle!  How will you be spending your Sunday Funday?  Don’t forget about 30×30 – I’d love for you to join me!

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Sunday Funday 02 I 12.15.13


Happy Birthday to my BFF, Archana!

What You May Have Missed on QB this Week:

1. This outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago when it was actually warm in December.

2. 6 things the characters of Friends taught me

3. A video I made of crap I bought at the drugstore

4. A men’s flannel look and a rant about people ranting about the cold

5. I talked about how I’m feeling around this holiday season

6. A very bright neon winter outfit

Blog Love

1. Absolutely adore this stripey look on Merrick’s Art

2. These DIY gold leather stockings on A Beautiful Mess are so cute – I wish I had the patience to make something like this!

3. Love the pop of fuchsia in this outfit on Bella Pummarola

Pinteresting Finds

1. Thinking of baking these cookies for Christmas

2. An easy pillow case DIY

3. A little New Year’s Eve outfit inspiration

On the Interwebs

1. Take this silly test to determine your mental age – this wise, wise sage got 38.

2. I have been obsessed with this stupid game all week!!

3. Even though I’ve seen this video multiple times before, I’ve watched it like 5 times this week and I laugh every time.


How was your Sunday Funday?  I spent the day brunching with friends and finishing up my Christmas shopping!


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Sunday Funday 01 I 12.08.13

I’m back!  Sorry again for being MIA.  It’s been a rough, emotional week, but ultimately, the week culminated in a celebration of my grandmother’s life and a much needed weekend off to recover from the cold from hell and to hang out with friends.  Thanks for bearing with me!  Today I am going to start a weekly “Sunday Funday” post in which I will recap what I have enjoyed on the interwebs from the previous week.  Behold:

photo (12)

Today is Macgyver’s 4th birthday – Happy Birthday, buddy!

Blog Love

1. Loved this article from Girl Meets Life on thoughts of being in the “cool crowd”

2. I totally want to recreate this fall statement outfit from Here & Now

3. My friend Rachel wrote a guest blog post on her love of cloth diapering on the Cloth Diaper Whisperer.  Not quite a typical topic on this blog, but I love Rachel’s blog and found the article pretty interesting!

Pinteresting Finds

1. I have made this cheesy pumpkin pasta from Skinnytaste twice since discovering the recipe – SO GOOD!  (update 2 days later: make that three times)

2. I will certainly be trying this whiskey cider cocktail some time this winter season.

3. I can’t stop pinning outfits with stripes or gingham: see here, here, and here.

On the Interwebs

1. You have a smartphone, but would you buy a smartbra??

2. Did you know that you can simply tweet your friend a Starbucks giftcard?  (My twitter is @QuirkyBritches…JUST sayin’…)

3. Need a gift for that hard-to-buy-for someone?  How about a subscription box?

Hope you’ve had a fabulous week!  Have you found anything interesting on the web that I should know about?  Let me know!

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