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{{My First Ever}} 30×30 Challenge!

photo (17)

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I’ve been privy to the 30×30 Challenge for a few years now, ever since the lovely Kendi started it back in the day, but I’ve never participated myself.  However, after having a blast with Sarah’s Take One, Pass It On Challenge, I think I’m ready.  I did some searching last night, but couldn’t really find a challenge to join, so I decided to do my own.  Starting January 1, I will have 3 goals:

1. Wear only THIRTY items from my closet (jewelry & other accessories don’t count) for THIRTY days

2. Try my darnedest not to shop during this time

3. Purge my closet and donate or sell a significant amount of clothing in February

You can read more details on the challenge here from Kendi herself.

The best part is that I want YOU to do it with me!  A party’s not a party without friends to share with, right?  Er, something like that.  I just tried to be metaphorical, but I’m not sure it….anyway, join me, won’t you?  We’ll start on Wednesday, New Year’s Day, so you have 4 days to decide on your 30 items.  Yes, I realize that on NYD some of us may be very tired and/or feeling ill from the night before, but you’ll have to put SOMEthing on to go get your morning Starbucks or to head to Denny’s for a hangover breakfast.  It might as well be your first 30×30 outfit!

One of my favorite parts of TOPIO was the camaraderie among the challengers and that Sarah linked up all the participants each week so we could browse each other’s outfits.  So, if you’ll be joining me on this adventure, then please let me know in the comments below, so I can link to you each week!  Even if you don’t have a blog, you can still participate via Instagram or TwitPics. Also, if you happen to be already planning on hosting your own 30×30, let me know, and we can link up together as well!

Like I said, I had so much fun with TOPIO, and I really think it helped make me a better blogger, so let’s do this!


Take One, Pass It On Wrap Up

Here we have all 24 outfits I wore for the Take One, Pass It On Challenge. Scroll below for my thoughts on the whole thing.









I really enjoyed participating in this challenge; like I said on Day 1, the challenge is more low key than other wardrobe challenges out there and therefore easier to manage. While some days it was a little challenging (hence the challenge aspect) to incorporate a piece from the previous day’s outfit, it’s actually rewarding when you make it work! I would definitely choose to participate in this again.

Farewell, TOPIO






So it goes: this wraps up the Take One, Pass It On outfit challenge for me.  As I was scrolling through past pictures, I realized that I actually ended up doing 6 outfits a week, for a total of 24 outfits – not too shabby!  Instead of a Week 4 Wrap Up, I will be posting a wrap up post tomorrow of all 24 outfits.  Get ready.  It’s going to be a time.  For today’s outfit, it’s been super cold the past few days, but it seems to be just a bit warmer today; however, I knew that I wanted to pass on this comfy sweater.  And, for those playing at home, notice anything else about this outfit?  If not, you will tomorrow.

polka dot popover shirt I similar sweater I leggings I boots (same brand, almost identical) I belt

similar earrings I bracelet is old, but from Pangea Homemade (super cute handmade jewelry!*)

*I am in no way affiliated with Pangea.

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Let’s Be Friends







Today I put on this outfit and felt all dressed up with nowhere to go.  Literally.  I always feel like I have to leave the house for my outfit to “count” (for whom I don’t know); however, I had no interest in battling Black Friday crowds.  Let’s just say I was the best dressed person at Starbucks today.  Speaking of Black Friday, I feel like all the other wonderful bloggers have you covered with Black Friday sale alerts, so I’m going to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote myself.  I just recently made a Facebook page for this little blog, so I thought I’d outline all the ways you can connect to me.  So let’s be friends!  Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?


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*We will not actually do those last two things.  Unless you, like, really want to.

somewhat similar sweater I similar tunic I skirt (no longer available in black) I necklace (no longer available from J.Crew, but I got mine here last year) I similar boots (on sale) I tights I                    lip color in “Cherry Tart”

And if you’re still keeping track, I passed on yesterday’s printed tunic.  Tomorrow will be my last TOPIO outfit, and I plan on coming back full circle.  Stay tuned!









Happy Thanksgiving! Just a quick post before I go stuff my face again. I passed on this necklace, bee tee dubs.

similar tunic I similar sweatshirt (50% off right now for Black Friday!) I somewhat similar necklace I similar jacket I boots









You guys, it’s my 100th post! I’ve posted 100 inane things on this little blog, so crazy! I think for my 100th post, it’s only fitting that there be…SNOW in my pictures. Yeah, don’t mind those blurs and specks in my photos; it’s just SNOW…in November. Normally I take my photos a couple of days in advanced to stay more on top of things, but I got behind this week. I got dressed this morning and stepped outside with my camera and tripod only to see…SNOW. If I had taken the photos in advance, I may have tried at a different time, but I had to have these photos for today’s post. Being the brave idiot blogger I am, I forged on. You’ll notice that I passed on yesterday’s dress, but I pulled it up a bit to create more of a tunic feel and then layered this ballet-like wrap top over it; throw on some fleeced-line leggings and tall suede boots, and I’m ready for…snow, I guess.


similar dress I similar wrap cardigan I fleece-lined leggings I similar boots I similar necklace


Can’t Go Wrong with a Blazer and a Dress







This is one of my favorite kinds of fall outfits: tights, boots, dress, blazer (or cardigan). It’s fashionable yet comfortable, and yesterday’s blazer makes me feel put together. Yet again, though, I feel as though I’ve backed myself into a corner for tomorrow’s outfit, but we’ll see what I can come up with.

Blazer: Lauren Conrad / similar
Dress: Target / similar
Tights: Target
Boots: Target / similar
Necklace: F21 / new but still can’t find it on the website – here’s a necklace with a similar tribal feel


All the Shirts





I knew that I wanted to pass on my striped shirt from yesterday, but I wanted to dress it up a bit. Knotting it over this flowy top was lovely, but with it being so cold out, I just needed something…blazer it was. Blazer it will be. Layer, layer, layer…until you’re wearing all the shirts. I don’t love this outfit…I think I liked it better without the blazer (it had a 70s vibe going on), but I do sort of like the striped sleeves poking out of the blazer sleeves. I’ll be passing on this blazer tomorrow!

blazer: Lauren Conrad / similar
striped shirt: JCrew / similar
floral blouse: F21 (old) / similar
jeans: Gap/ similar
boots: Target / almost exact
necklace: Target / similar


Take One Pass It On Week 3 Round Up

You guys, only one more week and TOPIO is over! I will say that although I miss Florida, it was much easier to get dressed this week and to keep going with the challenge, since I wasn’t getting dressed out of a suitcase anymore. You’ll see some of those outfits next week though! Have a wonderful Sunday – I’m off to brunch and Catching Fire !

What are you doing today? Have you seen Catching Fire yet? What’d you think (no spoilers!)??


Breaking All the Rules






So yesterday I cheated, and I today I’m just breaking all the rules.  Black and navy?  Black and brown??  Arrest me, Fashion Police; I don’t care.  I just started adding pieces, and it just started working…in my humble opinion.  This  is just one of those outfits that I felt really good in!

shirt: JCrew / similar

belt: vintage / similar

jeans: American Eagle (see here and here too)

shoes: Target / similar

scarf: Phillip Lim for Target / sold out…try ebay?

I can’t believe we’re closing on Week 3 of the Take One Pass It On Challenge!  One more to go!  I seriously feel like I just started.  Tomorrow I will post a Week 3 Round Up!