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Sunday Funday 05 // 06.01.14

Admitted laziness made for a shorter week here on QB…

photo1 (34)Our first Cali beach trip, made even more fabulous by my new beach towel, of course.


What You May Have Missed on QB in the past week:

1. I emptied my purse to reveal my 10 must-have items.

2. A post about chocolate, wine, and pretty pictures by the water

3. A casual outfit and links to some of my favorite army jackets

4. My very first budgeting post

Blog Love

1. Loved reading Shop & Twirl’s account of her vacation in my new city of SF

2. Definitely identified with the rain boot struggle on Occasionally AJ

3. Style on Target is doing patterns and textures right with this adorable outfit

Pinteresting Finds

1. I think I’ve mentioned before that my friend Brittany is getting married in Vegas in September. She hasn’t decided on bridesmaid shoes yet, but if we get to pick our own, I may go with these in gold. I don’t normally graviate towards sparkly things, but it’s Vegas after all!

2. Can’t wait to try out this beautiful braid tutorial!

3. I seriously must find a skirt like this.

On the Interwebs

1. 52 Totally Feasible Ways to Organize Your Entire Home – I usually ignore stuff like this, but since we’re moving into a much smaller apartment, I will probably try some of these!

2. This is my current favorite thing (WARNING: There is sound, so maybe not work appropriate…unless your work just happens to really awesome!)

3. Love this funny speech that Amy Poehler gave at a New York Restoration Project event

Have a rockin’ Sunday Funday! I’ll be spending the day cleaning our new apartment (we move in on Tuesday)!

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Happy Christmas!

This weekend/week has already been a whirldwind!  With last minute Christmas shopping and celebrating our one year wedding anniversary on Sunday, I’ve had very little time for blogging (bad blogger!).  That being said, I’ll be back Thursday.  Happy Christmas to all, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then Happy Hump Day!

mac santa

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Stripes to Boot





With the air becoming chillier, I knew that I wanted to remix yesterday’s sweater; however, I had already worn it with jeans, and none of my leggings were clean, so a skirt it had to be. Admittedly, this skirt is probably a bit too short for a 27-year old, but I’m not currently teaching, so YOLO?(*) (Did I use that right?) Add in some rust-colored tights and combat boots, and this outfit was good enough to go out for a pizza. And really, that’s all that matters, right?

(*) I’m sorry.

sweater: Target
tights: Target (looks like this color is no longer available this year, which makes me sad)
skirt: old Forever21 / similar
boots: Target
necklace: Forever 21 (brand new, but I can’t find it on the website – check your local store?)


LA Trip: Friday

Better late than never, huh?

This past week has been crazy busy with tying up loose ends at school and moving my stuff out of my classroom. When I took one final look at my empty classroom, I felt a pang of emotion, but then it was over. That’s a good thing though, right? If I was crazy emotional, then that means maybe I made the wrong decision.

Anyway, I have SO many pictures from my LA trip that I decided to break each post up into days. I also tried to put as many pictures into collages as I could. Your brain will thank me.

So naturally an early morning layover in Denver calls for one of these:


I was too early for the restaurant to serve me alcohol right away, but the wait was worth it.

Once Archana and I both arrived in LA, we found each other and checked into our hotel, the Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills.


Then we did what else? Hit up Rodeo Drive!


I marveled at all the shops I cannot afford.


And then we had lunch at the Luxe. Average cheese plate. Delicious Cobb salad.


After some more window shopping and mirror selfies…


We stopped at The Cheesecake Factory to use the restroom get some drinks and cheesecake.


Finally, before we headed back to the hotel, Arch bought herself something pretty from…


After a short nap, we prettied ourselves up and took a car downtown to meet Arch’s friend Sheena at MoChica. This place had amazing food and will be my first stop the next time I’m in the area.


We hung out for a bit at Sheena’s and then hit up The Standard rooftop.



Afterwards, we went to Library Bar, which I of course automatically loved.



After a few drinks, things got a little weird…


The last stop of the night was Seven Grand, a famous whiskey bar.


Afterwards, it was time for a car back to the hotel for some beauty rest for Saturday!

I mean, really, how could you not love this view?


All picture collages were made with Picstitch

Just do it.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day (a day early)


I hope…

Do you know what it sometimes means, Brittney, when you feel a bit bummed out and aren’t sure why? When you catch yourself looking back over your shoulder and wondering? When you feel doubt, sense uncertainty, and experience fear? When you sometimes wonder what’s taking so long?

It means you’re normal.

The Universe


So I’m in the car, still en route to the train station.  Perfect time and atmosphere to add my blog to Bloglovin, right?

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Hello, Chicago!


The fella and I decided to take a weekend trip to Chicago. Due to his awesome hotel hookups, we’ll be staying at the W for dirt cheap (commence jealousy).  I plan on doing a lot of eating and shopping, and my quest is to find a cozy sweater or two.  Packing for the weekend proved to be a challenge because I realized I have a serious lack of sweaters.  I used italics so you know it’s crucial. 

Anyway, I had some technical difficulties with my WP app last night, so if I can get my pictures to stop defaulting sideways, I’ll throw some updates on here over the weekend.  Later, internet machine friends!